The Lord: Heals



"Man does not exist on the physical plane alone but on the mental and spiritual planes as well. Man
has worked very hard and created much material wealth and knowledge but has paid little attention to
the mental and spiritual bodies...

"Spiritual bankruptcy creates the suffering of disease in the world, while physical disasters such
as earthquakes, explosions and murder come about because of ill-health on the mental plane...

"Modern science deals only with the physical world and refuses to accept the realities of the mental
and spiritual...

"...Jesus did not need laboratories to achieve miracles and cures... He did it through awareness
of the Supreme Being around him and that awareness meant that he could use the powers of creation
to heal...

"True spiritual healers allow the Lord to work through them but remain detached from both the cause
(the Lord's will) and effect (the healing...) This is why it is important to remain detached both
from success and failure. Some individuals are healed; some are not. If you do not claim anything
for yourself, pride can not flourish and all is directed according to spiritual law. You do not
heal; the Lord heals. The Self knows this. Practise with detachment and leave the consequences to
the Lord."

Quoted from the work of a sage
On a recent trip to Argentina to visit relatives, my family and I decided to visit the house of
Gabriel Moyano, the child of five who acquired healing powers after a visitation from the Madonna.
We had the opportunity to talk with Gabriel and his parents, Dora and Carlos, who live in the
western province of San Juan, in a humble village of modest houses and unpaved streets.

We had to arrange an appointment, since people come from all over the country to see the ‘miracle’
child. At first Dora and Carlos received us distantly, since the media and the church have taken
mixed and contradictory positions regarding the truth of their son’s powers. "Who are these people
from Spain, bringing a magazine called Share International, how do they know about Gabriel and what
do they want?" were the questions we saw written on their faces.

"Before Gabriel saw the Madonna in the repair-garage wall, we never imagined anything like this,"
explains Dora. "First, I didn’t want my child to do what he is doing, I wanted to protect him since
he is such a young boy. But then I realized he is more intelligent than I am. He can differentiate
between his life in the school, his life as a normal child playing with others, and his ‘mission’,
as he calls it. He doesn’t invent what he says and does, and he is not crazy. We are not afraid,
although the church doesn’t approve of what he does, and even says — without having talked directly
to us or Gabriel — that we are making money with this, which is false." (As we would confirm later,
the Moyanos do not charge any money for their child’s activities, nor do they accept presents or

Gabriel receives a visitation from the Madonna every night, Who shows him the people he can heal at
home and others whom he has to visit to cure them. A couple of brief sessions is all that he needs.
The boy places his little hand and a rosary from the Madonna on the patient’s head, mumbles some
words and says: "That is it! God heals where He can!"

Many people have been healed in this way, as witnesses and patients can report: from diabetes and
bone-fractures to cancer and heart problems. Doctors cannot explain why their patients’ tumours
or fractures disappear, although there has not yet been any clinical report certifying these
miracle cures.

Dora, being more forthcoming and relaxed, asks an astonishing question after seeing Share
International. "Tell me, do you know why Gabriel always talks of two different individuals, the
Christ and Jesus, as if they were two different people, I don’t ... understand anything. Does my son
know what he is saying?"

Then we show her the photograph of Maitreya in Nairobi, we explain what we know about the
Reappearance of the Christ, tell her who the Master Jesus is, and talk about the existence of the
Spiritual Hierarchy. She listens attentively, then talks about other matters. Then, suddenly, she
stops and says, holding Maitreya’s photograph: "Let’s see if Gabriel can recognize the man in this
photo, because he always talks of a ‘Man in White’." She calls her son, who is playing in a backyard
with other children. He comes in and Dora shows him the photograph, asking him lovingly: "Look at
this man in the photo, look at the robes he wears, his beard and this kind of hat, it is very
strange." The boy, who is very short, throws a naughty look at his mother and smiles, not surprised
by this question: "Yes, I know him." "And who is he, do you know?" she asks. "Mum, He is the
Christ," says the child with an extraordinary confidence. His mother appears somewhat confused, but
cannot stop inquiring: "But where do you know Him from?" "From heaven, Mum, when the Madonna takes
me with Her, and They talk to me." As soon as he says this, he turns and jumps up, rushing to the
backyard again.

We were left speechless. Only Gabriel’s father was able to break the wall of silence we had raised:
"If you want to receive some healing, come on Monday, Wednesday or Friday at three o’clock. You will
have to queue, since about 100 people come round. I know it is very hot at that time of the day, we
have told him to leave it until later, but all he says is: ‘Daddy, the Lord is not a supermarket
where you open according to season. He heals at three o’clock.’ " (We found this a striking
coincidence with Maitreya’s blessings, which he always gives at three o’clock local time.)

Dora also told us that some time ago a woman (who apparently is telepathically sensitive) came to
their house and told them that Gabriel was a reincarnation of Brother Martin de Porres or
"Brother Broom". A celebrated Saint in Argentina, he was renowned for his healing powers and
because he always wanted to perform the most humble tasks, mainly sweeping, in the monastery
where he lived. Dora and Carlos had not heard of the Saint, but they laughed because their son’s
favourite toy was a broom.

Some days later, we came across a pharmacy called ‘Saint Martin de Porres’. We asked the owner if
she had some pictures or images of this saint, and she very kindly gave us a little 15cm statue
which she wrapped up as a present.

We returned to Gabriel’s house, where the boy was giving his healing sessions that afternoon. After
queuing for some time, we came into the house and my husband placed the wrapped statue on a table.
Dora told us they could not accept presents, but we explained that maybe this "present" had
something to do with their son’s past. Gabriel then came into the room and treated my husband, who
had strained his leg. The little boy placed his rosary on my husband’s head, said a prayer and then
placed his rosary again on his ‘working table’, full of pictures, flowers and candles. He appeared
to be absent, as if listening to an inner message. Then he turned and went straight to the table
where we had placed the wrapped statue. He had to stretch his arms to try to get it as he is short
and could hardly reach it. When he finally picked it up, he exclaimed: "Oh, I wanted to know what I
looked like!" But Gabriel did not waste any time, as many people were waiting for him. We asked for
permission to take some photos. Dora turned to her son who, after a pause, replied with
determination: "No, I am told no photos this time."

article excerpt was copied from Share International:


Benjamin Creme’s spiritual teacher confirmed to him that the Master Jesus mainly does the healing,
and that, indeed, Gabriel is a reincarnation of Saint Martin de Porres (1579-1639).