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Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Darsh, Feb 13, 2003.

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  1. Darsh

    Darsh Guest

    After talking to Steve Stonehouse, the Snap-On tool guy, he told me he would have the proper tool
    for my skibike ski mounts. He was right.

    Today, he delivered a perfect, twin 90degree tipped, Phillips screwdriver into my hands for the
    price of $5.80. The sucker absolutely cranks the screws down.

    Seeing how well this tool works, I think I might splurge for the real McCoy. Might find it even more
    cool, and more perfect.

    LOL, gotta love that link. If you are as bored as I am, you will get there. Sort of challenging, in
    a short bus type of way I suppose. This little tool is pretty cool. Very specialized. At $21.57 it
    could prove to be a joy.

    I emailed Snap-On for some "POZIDRIV" stickers for the bike. Who knows?


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.