The Magpies are back



Yes, you heard right on my last ride i was attacked by no less than 4 magpies, now im not sure if i want to wear my new 230 buck Met Helmet. My last 40 buck helmet was scratched and chunks taken out of it by those @# magpies. And no i dont want to paint eyes on my helmet 8) and other ppl here with magpie ploblems? ps goh they can fly fast i was still being bomb dived at 65kph grrr. ah well they will not stop me.
;D ;D Use it as speed training! See if you can out-cycle them! ;D ;D
THe magpies sound pretty scary...
On a ride yesterday a squirrel decided to jump in front of me for no particular reason. I was doing about 45 km/h and the damn tree rat was just sitting there and playing chicken with me :D
Had to swing out for the useless furball!!!

I think the animal kingdom is involved in a huge conspiracy against cyclists in general. Today after a pretty intense ride I had to scrape out ca. 50 different species of insects out of my eyes and face :eek:
yes i now how you feel i was going 50kph and a Walaby (HUGE fury rat way biger than a squirel :) ) jumped out in front ;D ;D ;D
;D ;D ;D Ha-Ha-Ha, these posts were really funny!! I just pictured all these incidents and couldn't help but laughing. Any of you guys ever had to out-cycle an angry dog?? Now that's SCARY!! :eek:
Now dogs are another matter....especially those huge ones like great danes!!!
A big dog usually gets me into my super sprinting mode...which is good training by the way...(note to self--ride past SPCA this afternoon)

Poodles are the exception, I would actually try to run over one...darn ankle-snapping furballs :D
Yah, dogs are quite dangerous, no matter how small. My daughter (7) were cycling in the road in front of our house (cul-de-sac) and three "ankle snapping furballs" jumped her off her bike and attacked her, in her face of all places. Now she's got a nasty scar in her face and I've got this everlasting hatred for small dogs. :mad:
Ah , Running over dogs on my bike , been there done that, ;D

From another post I mentioned that I've got a MB and those XC tyres seem to cope pretty well.

one dog was an "ankle-snapper" that took a fancy to my front wheel but he got more than he bargained for.
The otherwas a larger dog whose owner had only just left him off his leash as I approached, so the dog decided to play chicken with my bike , unfortunatly he placed his paws to close to the bike which I then duly ran over them, boy did he Yelp. closely followed by loads of abuse from the owner.
Getting away from dogs is good for speed training :) that is unless you have a nice big pump ready to swing ;)

Hi, Nicholas. I think your'e lucky that those Magpies didn't go for your eyes. I read that ornerythologists say it only happens when the birds are nesting, sitting on eggs, springtime.
Years ago this used to be a problem in Canberra, according to the magazines of the time. I always thought that the magpies knew that Canberra was full of academics, and were just trying to 'pick their brains'. :)