The monkey boi's father deserted himas a child, and his mother is ashamed of him. That is why he tor

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  1. asshole for the British navy, eh, fraidy cat?

    British asshole tortures for navy, father deserted him as a child.

    Was it because you're ugly, monkey boi?

    Yep, itwas.

    I would have deserted a future torturer,too.

    WHat a disgrace you were to your mother, British monkey torture boi,
    Hedley, she was ashamed of you.

    So your father deserted you, and your mother was ashamed of you, eh
    ugly little British peckerhead?.

    keep torturing baby

    her comes the rape

    here comes the taser

    here comes the false "thought"

    and there goes one dumb ugly Brit you can't torture worth shit, except
    to inflict physical pain on another, right monkey boi?

    right, monkey boi, you're MI5, monkey boi, you torture for MI5 monkey
    boi. ugly boi, you torture for Mi5.

    You have no future, monkey boi.

    you hurt innocent people, monkei boi.

    What did you get monkei boi, other tan a burst eardrum adn rape?

    What did you get monkey boi, a British psychologist.....

    "we should have killed him" -- they're speaking of you monkey

    british intelligence inserted a cigarette into your ass, eh monkey boi?
    in"early school"

    What's that?

    Glen, is that you, or one of your socks?

    Keep torturing baby, they are eating it up.

    You lost.

    "Gosh, monkey boi, I wish I could defend myself with machines like you
    do ..."

    You were a failure in early life

    in middle school?

    I am still going to report you, and see your ass is put in prison.

    and open GITMO, work to open GITMO. because tht's what you're really
    doing, practice torture

    for GITMO.

    "a virtual auschwitz, what a novel idea...."