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    How does the price of cycling equipment compare to other prices in you country ?

    I was at Cyclelab a good few times this week, they have a De Rosa King for sale there, the price, R70K. Now for R70K I can buy myself a small car AND a decent bike to ride.

    The De Rosa King frame on it's own costs R27K. Who buys these things ? I dont see Joe public going out to buy this unless he has some serious sponsorship.

    Things like tyres and tubes also tend to knock you abit. A Continental Ultra 2000 slick tyre for my race bike will set me back R120 . To put this in perspective a 16" tyre for my car will cost me R700.

    Alot has to do with our exchange rate, but I'd like to know how prices compare to each other in other countries. I think economists use the Big Mac index. i.e. The price of a Big Mac in each country and then the price of the article in question.

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    I don't know how much a De Rosa costs here (Philippines), but a Gios Megalite frame/fork costs around 18,000 Pesos. That's around USD$360. How much are the gruppos over there? Shimano 105 cost around 22,000 Pesos a year ago (non-flightdeck, non-hollowtech, w/ PD-5500). That's around USD$440. When Hollowtech and Flightdeck came out, the gruppo's price went up to 26,000 Pesos. Hmm, what else.... Mavic Open Pros cost aorund 1,600 Pesos each..that's around USD$112. I can't afford an Italian or American frame, so I had a steel custom frame built out of Tange (Japanese?)..cost me 6,500 Pesos...which is around USD$125.

    A Big Mac meal here would cost 75 Pesos (USD$ 1.50)..that's with fries and a regular (small) Coke.
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    Correction of the price of Mavic Open Pros, that's USD$32 each...not $116.