The pros and cons of adjustments in diet

danny shep

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Jun 20, 2007
One thing I’ve noticed while striving to find the prefect blend of exercise, nutrition and rest is that when I make a change in any of these areas that I immediately feel a positive benefit, which is good in the short term but usually within a matter of days, despite still incorporating this new element I no longer seem to reap the benefit when on the bike.

Until recently I thought that no matter how much I may wish it is virtually impossible to feel good and strong on the bike each and every day. However, after reading one of the articles from this website I definitely feel that it can be possible to ride hard as much as I want to and still feel able to repeat this effort comfortably each and every day.

Recently I have took on board many of the pointers from this forum such as:

*Incorporating clif bars into my food intake

*Ensuring I eat the right kind of foods within half an hour of finishing my ride

*Incorporating recovery rides and a day off the bike into my weekly schedule

*Attempting to consume at least 100g of Protein a day split between meals containing

no more than 25g of Protein each

*Upping my calorie intake to ensure I maintain a stable weight

as well as others which are too numerous to mention.

I have found the most useful tip of all to be contained in an article about eating before going to bed which is something I had previously thought was a definite no-no. It mentioned that amino acids from the food bathe the muscles overnight leaving them refreshed for the next exertion. I tend now to eat a big bowl of wheat based cereal and a glass of chocolate milk about an hour before bed and even though I tend to only sleep six hours per night I feel strong each day on the bike and really enjoy the contrast with how strained and painful my muscles used to feel compared to how fresh and strong they are now.

I do not dispute that the other tips have played their part in improving my fitness but I do feel that this late meal has had such a positive effect on my riding and comfort level on the bike that I feel I should let others know about it.

I’d be interested in any opinions that other riders have on this either way
interesting observations, there.

I changed my diet about a year ago and cut out chocolate biscuits and cake and ate more veg and fruit.
I lost about a stone in weight, maybe more, but I don't feel that it necassarily helped me on the bike that much. I don't feel like I've gained any power or anything.
Recently I've tried to up my protien intake with protein powders, but for some reason whey protein doesn't agree with me ( I get a very dry throat and cough up phlem when I have a lot of it).
I still get pretty tired and am not able to really train hard on consecutive days, like I want to.
I'm still looking for the magic formula for that.