The reason liberals feel guilty? not success & privilege!!! rather, they fear a karmic payback!!!

Jun 6, 2006
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Conservatives often assume Liberals are ignorant or soft on crime. I think there's a part of the picture which conservatives are missing.

What it is, is big city liberals know they themselves don't always deserve much of what they have, so they are hesitant to crack down harshly because they feel their own mercy will run out, or they will get a karmic payback of people realizing they too don't deserve what they have.

While it's true that there are few people who have not gotten some mercy from God or society, the libs are guilty in a specific way of creating the situation so they could milk undeserved jobs and college admissions and scholarships out of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

They set out to make sure they were surrounded by people that drive up the racial quotas that the big city liberals are slightly a part of.

They set out to channel too much funding to inner city schools because they knew public school bureaucracies would spend the money they were given and give everyone a degree, which creates a large pool of apparently qualified college and job applicants. Some of whom can't read.

If we start judging all people based on merit, maybe a lot of us would wind up getting demoted or jailed, but in the case of the violence in the inner city, a lot of the people in charge may be directly responsible for the way things are.

It is my guess that some of them feel they would lose their careers and their children wouldn't be able to get into the schools they wanted if they crack down too hard on the rioters.

Look at Antifa. They are a swarm of locusts raised by God. They are probably the people who would have lower level professional jobs in the city if it wasn't being manipulated for undeserved Affirmative Action jobs by slightly black whites packing the city with every minority they can find. Or, they'd be in vocational programs and enjoying well-paying manufacturing jobs if public schools weren't degree mills and they weren't referred to colleges instead of being told to get a job in a factory or warehouse. What I am trying to say with this last paragraph is maybe they'd feel less "ripped off by Fascism" if the big city liberals hadn't been complicit in creating a system where too many people get HS degrees so they'd join the pool of college applicants, because Article 7 of the CRA of '64 is usually interpreted to only prohibit discrimination against qualified people. So if liberals want to flood the inner city with minorities in order to increase their own chances because they're slightly black whites, then they have to see to it that the public school system holds the bar too low.
Antifa is not the swarm of locust that the Bible speaks of, Antifa is a creation of left-wing radicals who were hired to cause chaos in cities to help thwart Trump's reelection campaign, note they suddenly disappeared after it was known that Trump lost? Did anyone also note that this group came from various states, had all their lodging and transportation paid for? Media tried to make Trump sound like an idiot by saying Antifa did not exist, not true, I saw them up close first hand. They were all wearing similar clothes so they could identify each other and they all had communication devices in their ears with a cord extending down into a pocket where the device was. Antifa had nothing to do with Black Lives Matter as they claimed, they are all about stirring up trouble, creating property damage. The Antifa presence where I lived tried to get the citizens of our city to get violent by trying to get them to charge the police and courthouse, our citizens would not do either; they then tried to get them to cause property damage and they, the Antifa, set out and destroyed 50 windows in our downtown buildings in an attempt to get city citizens to join in which also failed. This activity was all caught on video cameras that are in our city, by the police, and people with cell phone cameras all recording what was happening. Once Antifa realized they were failing in their mission they left our city after about 2 weeks and went elsewhere. These people came in from several states, I saw their cars and license plates, a lot of the cars, not sure if all the cars were, but a lot of them were rental cars.

Antifa has nothing to do with countering far rightwing, or neo-nazi demonstrations as various websites claim, our city had NO demonstrations going on whatsoever anywhere in the city, not even a tiny one when they came to disrupt our city.

The only sad note that occurred in our city was an out of town student attending a college in our city, got his eye taken out by a tear gas canister that bounced off the pavement and into his eye. I hope that our city won't pay for any damages for that, because the crowds were asked to leave, they refused, and when they tried to surge toward the cops with the Antifa leading the charge, they got greeted with tear gas, this was a potentially violent situation, it's that student's fault for being where he should not have been, and for refusing to leave by police order. He was also shown on video to had picked up a tear gas canister and threw it back at the cops earlier. His eye damage is on him and should not be the responsibility of our police or our city.

I think our police did a fantastic job of controlling the crowd, and our citizens did a mostly fantastic job of not going violent and or causing property damage. In fact, some Antifa threw over huge pots that held plants, the citizens came by and picked those pots back up and put them back where they belonged including the dirt that fell out, and made sure the plants were upright and planted firmly!
  1. Like I mentioned before, Antifa have left since Trump lost the election, they had nothing to do with Black Lives Matter as they claimed, they are not even associated with BLM
Who supports Antifa? George Soros has been singled out even though the left-leaning media says that's not true and labels it as false news, all one has to do is see what organizations Soros finances, and read about those organizations and you can figure it out on your own. He plays a shell game with his money and moves around his support into various organizations in an attempt to hide his dealing with Antifa, you can start here and just click on his involvements and follow the trail:

The FBI is well aware of good ol George, there were also a few informants who disclosed what organization was funding them, and those organizations were backtracked to organizations that George funds.

Soros is a anti-American through and through.
My point isn't really about who they are trying to be.

I am guessing they may be people who were displaced by the collective decision to view all inequality as racism.

Some sources claim we're spending around 5X the amount on public education in some inner city districts above the amount that stopped making a difference in standardized test scores. Some inner city school systems graduate 40% of their high school students without functional literacy skills according to some sources. This focus on churning out degrees and appearing to foster equality may leave other students high and dry because the class is on simpler things than they need.

Companies are then pressured to hire the degree mill graduates, and they don't necessarily experience high productivity, and so there's no room for the people who become Antifa.

Besides all that, it is my theory that some parents are encouraged by community pressure or guidance to shunt their students into private school systems in which some of them may get an acceptable education but some others may slip through the cracks because amateur staff don't know how to cope with all the children. Those from strong traditional families probably get considerable assistance from their parents in their studies. The rest are chalked up as inattentive or slow. The strong traditional families like that state of affairs because it gives them an advantage.
The liberal party is the author of racism!

The school thing is a screwed up tax system. You see, all your neighborhood homeowners pay taxes for your local school in your neighborhood, so if you live in a neighborhood of million-dollar homes they get more tax money to build really nice schools, hire the best teachers, have the best sports programs etc; but if you live in a neighborhood of $25,000 homes well there isn't going to be a lot of money to build nice schools, have better teachers, better sports programs, etc. And this is true from city to city as well, because you could have an affluent city in part of the state and a run-down city in another part of the state.

So the solution is that all taxes collected for schools be given to the state to be handed out in equal amounts so that all schools have the same amount of money for education. Of course, this would ******** the wealthy schools, but this way it would stop all complaining about not getting enough money for the poor schools, and colleges won't look at your high school you attended and know it came for a very good one and invite you to attend, or a very bad one and dismiss you as a candidate for their college. And people who live in these poorer neighborhoods could no longer whine about not getting a fair shake in school and thus that's why they sell drugs, sex, steal, live on welfare etc.

Now back to my first statement that the democrat party is the author of racism, I think you all should see this stuff:


Little side trip about our problems with our police:

And if you want more eye-opening stuff follow Candice Owens, a young black female who has a lot to say about all of this **** we're getting fed by our liberal controlled media.

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