The recumbent is king

Yesterday I ventured out on Giant TCX cyclocross bike. It was my first ride on a conventional bike since I purchased my Schlitter Encore. Say what you want but the conventional is lighter, has better handling, braking and climbs so much better than a recumbent. As for speed, my avg speed was 4kph higher than the recumbent on the same route. I live in a hilly area, If it weren't for my injuries I'd pick a conventional over a recumbent any day.
I use my recumbent as a training tool... I ride a specialized tt bike and it strengthens the legs to work them in a different way.... gives the but and the neck a break....also helps prevent boredom and burnout..... climbing hills is up to how strong ur legs are.... u need to get ur recumbent legs before any hill climbing at speed can be done