The Roman Gods.

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  1. roman adaption of Greek Gods. randum picks. Chaos----Gaea----Uranus=Gaea-----------Crorus=Rhea------
    ----------Zeus=Demeter------------------------Persephone to side of seafoam
    Aphrodite.................................... from
    42.8North 83.4 West. bottum of great lake area and east of Michigan
    u.s.a.backyard sky gazer. Olympian Gods Capitalized genealogie table. explaining natural phenomena
    as theworks of gods. someritual,asaered rites. mythadds a spirital dimension to: supernatural
    sanction, The story of Demeter and persephone to eleusinanrites. 3 30 2003 Eo eiliptica and
    lenticular and Barred spiral SBa at 2110 est ort mi R?A 19 50 dec. 28 east. 180 degrees from 0
    degrees sunset. west. legendary queen persephone who end up as ............. Jupiter , jove or
    zeus and hera or juno wife of jupiter and cronus father of jupiter winter festival. as venus
    aphrodite. as mercury or hermes the flash guy. messenger arives on april 2 and at te horizon
    on april 4 jupiter well stand atill changing view from earth and on the 5th of april saturn
    upper left of moon goden planet above the eye of tarus the bull. snowing here so sky well be
    blcked rom my view. sorry. The Lion of the star East... is she be the greek queen and hair
    sister venus place Jupitor while the three moon pointed to west and one two right. in my
    telescope was the oter way. R/A 4 over 20 8 and 20 of 60. 315 degrees declinatin at 60.
    telescope was frosting up very cold. not knowing snow was on the way........ of constellation
    coma berenices. last week or so uranus and venus lined up a sleepless night yes........ uranus
    and neptune are lost in te sun glare feb 16 2003 cep now or cephi south is cyg the swan. north
    cas cam to umi tonight. after april 7th below celestrial equator. planet x at one time drag 29
    moons. algo well be at mideclipse 3 30 2003 0041 u.t. time. to
    07:41 4 02 2003 at 2130 ut time to 04 :30 p.m. 4 05 18:19 ut time to 01:19 p.m. 4 08 15:09 ut time
    to 10:09 am 4 11 11:58 ut time to 6:58 a.m. -5 hours at ut as given comparison stars are gamma
    (g) andromedea to algols west mag 2.1 epsilon
    (e) persel tp it's east mag 2.9 was at dusk feb 15,16 hold out your fist at arm lenght and look fot
    a backwards ? 10 degrees vertical feb 16 bottum star regulus. at dusk feb 15 and 16.
    constalation leo. if sun is in center and earth is at right the retrograde is clockwise. so
    towards orion and tarus and areas is at lower left and is going up and away. the pierces the
    orbital plane well be the PEP polar north and south. P P and E be the equation coordinates. and
    the decvlination on Aries of the east star. so E is 32 degrees of point of aries throught the
    earth at 32 degrees.
    f/A or angular distance between the hours circle pass the point of aries
    g. throught earth to other side. and the celestrial equator. The lion of the stat E. east or Queen
    of the underworld wife of hades pis pluto lrd of the underworld brother of zeus his queen was
    persephone. latin name Proserpina. beneath the disk of te earth was tartarus of titans were
    confined a vast nebulous realm of darkness between earth and tartarus was the underworld kindum
    of hades the ruler of the dead. Cerberus the 3 headed dog So once the spirit departed passes
    befused across the river Styx by charon foul tempered boatmen. the place was thought of as
    cavenous and dim a joyless abode in which the dead gradually faded into nothingness.

  2. mistake is declination . not the lion is mesures angular distance of object celestial equator
    degrees (") (') . the celestial sphere rotating around earth axis. called extension intospace of the
    earth equatorial plane. at R/A right angle to earth axis celestial equator. and allso the second
    mistake was the conversion of coordinates. 360 degrees is hour
    24. H coordinates to locate star on the celestial sphere. equivalent to terrestial longitude. PEP
    mesure 1 of 2 alpha coordinates. the aria of the star E. is 32 degrees so E Y of point of aria
    of the star E. located on it's H circle eqvivalent to the terrestial Longitude allso calle
    allpha coordinates. or a negative for austral hemm and positive for boreal.south and north of
    equator. so E Y angle is 32 degrees so parsec is a unit of measure distance of a star. annual
    piorallox 1 degree. 1 parsec equals 3.76 light year i.e. 206,265 au distance between earth sun.
    position of any object and 1st measurement declination or delta cooridnates measure angular
    distance object and celestrial equator.Tarus and the pleiades only the scorpion frightens him
    andmakes him run away.