The Savage God.

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  1. “Despite the hundreds of attempts,
    police terror and the concentration camps
    have proved to be more or less impossible subjects
    for the artist; since what happened
    to them was beyond the imagination,
    it was therefore also beyond art
    and all those human values on which
    art is traditionally based.”

    ~ A. Alvarez,
    From “The Savage God,”
    [p. 4]

    “Night Falls Fast:
    Understanding Suicide"”
    By Kay Redfield Jamison

    “It is difficult to comment on ‘Night Pails Fast’
    without making reference to ‘The Savage God. A Study of Suicide,’
    the 1971 classic by the English poet and writer
    A. Alvarez ...

    Both books are their author's overtly
    stated effort to come to grips with a topic
    that is of more than mere academic interest
    to them. Indeed, it is the very fact
    that each has had costly personal encounters
    with suicide that lends their books
    an intimate tone
    and genuine sense
    of credibility.”

    From ~
    “Journal of the American Academy
    of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry”
    [June, 2000]
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