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    I do most of my weekday riding after work. After 6 pm, when the sun is
    low in the sky, my shadow is longer.

    I've noticed I have a terrible time learning, improving, practicing if
    I'm facing away from the sun. My shadow is just long enough to reach out
    to where I fix my eyes (8 or 10 feet ahead). That shadow of me pedalling
    gets in my brain and screws up my balance! Last night while riding the
    curb, there was this image out in front of me...legs pumping, arms
    waving...Kersplat! Off I go.

    So, if I must ride east in the evenings, I don't fix my stare. If I keep
    my eyes moving around, I'm fine.

    If I'm learning something new (idling, one-footing, etc) I must ride
    into the sunset. (insert Western harmonica music).

    Just an observation. For what its worth. Is it just me?

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