the silver lining- spooky revealed

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Patrick Mitchel

Noticed the steering on the sratus was a bit notchy- decided that since I had the time, might as
well explore the problem. Adjusted the headset- too tight, too loose, well hell, let's take the
thing down and clean the thing. Cleaned and regreased- heck , why not try that longer stem that will
move the bars back a couple of more inches. Hope the front brake cable is long enough. All back
together, the steering is a revelation - light, almost too easy and yet there ain't no slop in the
bearings. And the bars back the couple of inches is great. I found that those tight u-turns are a
bunch easier. Glad I took the time too work on what was a slight problem. About spooky- the light
that went by me on a foggy bike path about 7' in the air- spooted a dude in front of me and when he
pulled of the path- yep a TALL dude upright on a df- wearing a helmet light. So the alien visitation
wasn't afterall. Course for all I know, the diamond frame guys ARE part of the conspiracy. And
perhaps I've been coopted by the diamond frame- illuminati- wto- conspiracy to destroy the
ascendency of recumbency.... Putting on my aluminum foil under my helmet.... Pat
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