The State of South African Cycling and more specif



In a recent cycling magazine the points standing of a prominent series of road races was published. The categories showed Elite and Under-23, Elite women all the men’s categories and way down to Boys under-16 and Boys under-14. WHERE ARE THE DEVELOPMENT CATEGORIES FOR GIRLS! During this same race Schoeman, Janse van Vuuren, Carstens and Millar finished a whopping 12 minutes ahead of the main bunch.

The organisers as well as the sponsors, ENGEN, should be ashamed that no attention is given to further promote women’s racing in South Africa. Shambles with the ladies categories like in the Hyper to Hyper as well as the 94,2 race will keep on happening until proper attention is given to the nurturing and development of the ladies categories. We are going to lose many young stars to other sports.

Another anomaly is the absence of Tandem categories in the ENGEN series. Why are they not there? Are Tandems not seen as a worthwhile category?

Keep those wheels spinning !!!!

Big H
Is it only me, or does the Engen Cycling Series website ( take you to some IT training site?
Someones got their websites mixed up! ::)