The Strong arm of the law ;D



Well some one i know was cut of by a car, the car just pulled up in front of him and then when to turn left well "bang"
he braked but within a metre of the car stoped still and fell over. And the car took off

well we whent to the police to file a complaint (which to this day after a few phone calls has accomplish nothing)
hows that for justice? would they have done the same thing if it happed to another car? i dont think so

One of the police said " I ride i bike to, so i know what its like if cars do that to me i hit them with a pump"

The police man hits cars with a pump hows that? heh well now
what can i say?
This is pretty typical, I guess there are risks with everything and you need to look out for yourself. I think making people responsible for their actions would solve allot of the problems we face on the roads.
Police don't care unless someone is killed :mad:

I find driving is more of a hazard than riding

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