The tour of your life-want to join?!

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    Mar 9, 2008
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    Hi all, some who keep an eye on this forum may be aware that at the moment an epic bike tour/rally is being planned from the UK all the way to Kenya to raise money for charity, open for all to join!

    Its a way off yet but progress is good, we have our first newsletter
    Check it out.

    Riders are starting to join and publicity is getting bigger, if you want to see what goes into a ride as big as this, or indeed you are tempted to join, please visit the

    ALso I would love to ask for some help from you my fellow riders, we have no budget to organise this event so ANY HELP would be very welcome, even if its passing the website onto a friend or contact who may be interested!

    Also please feel free to add ANY comments you may have about the ride, even if you dont think it can be done, I like a challange!

    Mark Nash