The Tour's roards are yours…


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Aug 12, 2001
This looks alright!

What cycling amateur hasn't dreamed of riding alongside the champions of the Tour de France ? Whatcycling enthusiast hasn't imagined the joy of following in their footsteps on a great mountain stage in ideal race conditions, devoid of cars and in complete safety? What fan of the Great Loop hasn't challenged himself to weigh his performances up against those of the cycling professionals and heroes of July?

This dream, this joy, this challenge, this is what is offered by the Étape du Tour, a cycling competition on the FFC agenda and open to all riders aged over 18, whether they are holders of an FFC licence or not. In July each year, on the same route taken by the Tour de France champions, and three days before them, the Étape du Tour provides for some 7,500 participants the unique opportunity to live through the magic of a mountain stage on a safe route. The success of this event is such that all French counties are represented, along with twenty or so countries from all over the world (among those entered, there are 1,400 foreign participants from five continents).

The 11th edition of l'Étape du Tour Vélo Magazine will take place between Pau and Bayonne, on the course of the 16th stage of the 2003 Tour de France, on Wednesday July 16th, 2003.

Contact of l'Étape du Tour Vélo Magazine
L'Étape du Tour Vélo Magazine
B.P. 182
92135 Issy les Moulineaux Cedex
Standard : 00 33 (0)141 33 14 68

More contacts:
BAYONNE - Office du Tourisme
Phone: 05 59 46 01 46
e-mail: [email protected]

PAU - Office du Tourisme
Phone: 05 59 27 27 08
e-mail: [email protected]
that would be awesome but i can't see myself doing it anytime soon. Hauling my substantial mass up a mountain stage of the TDF would be asking for trouble !!!