The UN.. Believe it or not.

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    Iran becomes UN disarmament leader.

    The UN Disarmament Commission elected Iran as one of its Vice-Chairpersons last Friday. This is the UN that claims Human Rights as one of it's founding principles , but gives equal voting rights to racists, war mongers, and some of the worst human rights violators this world has ever seen.

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made these statements just today....

    " President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today warned Iran would “cut the hand of any aggressor,” and insisted that Iran’s military had to be equipped with the most modern technology.

    “Today, you are among the world’s most powerful armies because you rely on God,” Ahmadinejad told a parade in Tehran to commemorate Army Day.

    “Iran’s enemies know your courage, faith and commitment to Islam and the land of Iran has created a powerful army that can powerfully defend the political borders and the integrity of the Iranian nation and cut the hand of any aggressor and place the sign of disgrace on their forehead,” Ahmadinejad said."

    But last Friday he made these statements.....

    Posted: Friday, April 14, 2006
    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here on Wednesday called for the disarming of corrupt powers, stressing that certain powers use their dangerous assets against the interests of humanity.

    President Ahmadinejad, who is currently on on a five-day tour of this northeastern province, was addressing local residents of Torbat-e Jam.

    "Science should be used to serve the interests of humanity.

    Destructive science which endangers human life and threatens human society weakens security," he said.

    "Certain countries have established chemical and biological weapons arsenals and encourage their scientists to produce weapons of mass destruction," he said.

    "If scientific knowledge is used to serve the ends of selfish, hegemonic and power-seeking states, human society can easily become a victim of oppression and aggression.

    "Today, certain fields of science such as nuclear energy are in hands of powers who are devoid of morals, civilization and spirituality."
    The president then called for the dismantling of nuclear arsenals which, he said, are threats to the continued existence of mankind, and criticized hegemonic powers which aim to use scientific knowledge to impose their will on nations.

    On the other hand, he said the Iranian nation wants access to scientific knowledge that will foster peace, tranquility and justice and prevent hegemony by big powers.

    "The Iranian people, encouraged by the success it has already achieved, will stand before big powers and will continue their efforts to access nuclear technology in order to achieve the highest level of success with the help of God and through hard work," he said.

    He said access to peaceful nuclear technology was a demand of the Iranian people, and stressed that Iranians strongly believed in the use of this energy.

    "This victory is a prelude to greater victories for the Iranian nation."
    President Ahmadinejad, accompanied by members of his cabinet, arrived in Torbat-e Jam Wednesday morning.

    His five-day visit to this province is his second since the start of the new Iranian year (March 21) and his 11th to various provinces of the country since the start of his initiative of bringing the government closer to the people.

    How can the UN have any credability when they elect countries like this to a position that is supposed to stand for disarmament?
    And this is a country that [size=-1] openly called for Israel to be wiped off the map.

    The UN has to make everyone [/size]skeptical about the seriousness of the United Nations role as peacemaker and human rights advocate.

    My suggestion is that we make Paris the headquarters for the UN. That way NewYork frees up valuable real estate for something useful such as a Starbucks, Barnes & Noble or even a Dairy Queen.

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    I think you need to view the UN move in the wider context, regarding Iran.

    It is essential for country's to engage at a diplomatic level - even if country's such as your own oppose Iran.

    The UN by accepting Iran - as per your post - is attempting to communicate with Iran.
    Surely that is a good thing?
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    sometimes being reminded of diplomacy is a refreshing concept. what has been passed off by the us as diplomacy by the of late amounts to no more than agressive posturing and threats, along with "building allies" of a "coalition of the willing" which results in the political, over any popular, support for us war agenda.
    at the same time the us refuses to sign onto such as treaties and accords, while selectively ignoring un rulings affecting the us and nations it supports militarily, and deals with financialy.
    true diplomacy now and in the future will determine the course of nations and their resultant actions far more than the attempts at empire building of the us. the us has become the ulitimate example of the rogue nation, yet there is often little objection to this, perhaps because it's own population supports leaders who claim to be on the side of all that it defined as on the side of right (and of god) as much as do do other nations' support their own extremist ruling parties.

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    GWB & Pat Roberts got a vote for starters... Plenty of US folks have called for acts of aggression against other countries and some of those same people not only had a vote but they actually took part in waging war on those very same nations.

    Again, how is that different from the US ? Captial punishment, torture, indefinite imprisonment *without* charge, etc..

    Those statements are not inconsistent within themselves, nor are they inconsistent with Iran's stated policies. If you want inconsistency take a gander at GWB's position on Nukes. While calling for nuclear disarmament he signs off ever increasing nuclear weapon development and procurement budgets... Not only that but his administration has made it quite clear that they will impose disarmament by force, including nuclear weapons if necessary.

    You're crying Wolf, along with the rest of the Jackals.

    Israel has repeatedly called for Iran to be wiped off the map, as has the US, and Saddam Hussein, welcome to the club.

    Why does it have to make everyone skeptical ?

    You may as well quit worrying about the UN if all you care about is stuffing your face with third rate crap. On the strength of the post I'm replying to you don't appear to be qualified to do anything else but stuff your face with crap.