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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Fred, May 27, 2003.

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  1. Fred

    Fred Guest

    I made a small plunge today with the first bike I've owned in 15 years. Thanks to those who advised
    me here on the newsgroup. I visited the sporting goods store of a friend. Nobody in the store knew
    much about bikes. I ended up smiling and leaving. Then I visited a serious bike shop called Pro Form
    in South Bend, IN. A 180 from the first store. They have bikes costing thousands of dollars with
    titanium or carbon fiber frames. They have wheels that cost nearly $1000 per pair. An amazing thing
    for someone like me to see. It was interesting just looking at the options, most of which were
    totally wrong for me. The store owner talked to me about my plans for the bike, asked me numerous
    questions and finally fitted me to what he called a street bike. Basically, it has a straight
    handlebar to allow my tired old frame to sit somewhat upright, it has wider tires than the high
    performance bikes for some additional smoothness and comfort. The comfy gel seat is attached to a
    shock absorber type seat post and even the front fork has some shock absorption of sorts. It has a
    very smooth derailler with 24 gears and brakes like I have never experienced in a bicycle and the
    frame fits me to a tee. I won't win any races with it but, then again, I'm not likely to enter one
    at my age anyway.

    I took it out for a short test ride of around 5 miles on the country roads around my home. This
    isn't an expensive or exotic bike by the standards of this group but it's way, way better than
    any bike I've ever ridden. I really enjoyed it. No hill was too tough that I had to leave the
    seat. Coasting was smooth, not bumpy at all. It was a real pleasure. I look forward to riding
    again on Thursday.

    I really appreciate the time and effort Pro Form took to get me properly equipped with the bikes,
    the car carrier and the helmets. I appreciate the time taken to answer all my newbie questions
    and the final comment that I should "come back after a month or so and we'll get you some chain
    lube and some advice on final adjustments and mainenance for the bike. I don't want to overwhelm
    you up front." I appreciated that. No doubt about it. A newbie like me needs a good bike shop
    like Pro Form.


  2. Todd Strong

    Todd Strong Guest

    > I look forward to riding again on Thursday.

    That sounds like a great bike.

    Always nice to hear about a good experience.

  3. Fred

    Fred Guest

    The bike is a Jamis - his "economy" line mixed amid the Bianchi, Lightspeed and other higher end
    bikes. I was prepared to spend $1500 for a road bike but the owner of the shop convinced me that
    spending less than half that for the Jamis made sense for my situation. This guy has been in
    business for 17 years and it's obvious why. Take care.


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    > Welcome to bicycling. What make of bike did you get? No matter, hope you enjoy it for many years
    > and miles to come. You've also learned that a
    > bike shop is worth its weight in titanium!
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