there B trike pics (finally)

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Joshua Goldberg, Mar 30, 2003.

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  1. Both trikes are Unfinished, one is way more Unfinished that the other. TrikeB is the way it will
    look when it is unleashed to the masses...except I wanted to figure out how to use a Headshock on
    the 2 forks yet retain the USS and TrikeB had a Rollbar (which is now toast)...but it saved me a
    messy decapatation. I was able to take a sharp turn at 20 mph on TrikeB (without leaning) and
    WITHOUT lifting a wheel.. TrikeB- the tires are Swalbe 406 front and Michelin Windgripper 559 rear.
    In production they will be 406 Hookworms and a Kenda Kwest 559 on Velocity Aeroheats. The Hardshell
    is by Optima and despite the heavy look, she weighs 38 lbs.,,,,but the frame size is Small. Next
    edition to have an adjustable Aluminium boom and a Dragonflyer style suspension ass end...and a new
    rollbar. It does NOT need side crash bars due to the way the frame is raised for the twin
    forks...this was done on purpose to give it side crash protection and a cockpit feel. TrikeB will be
    the under $1500. trike. TrikeA needs a lot of reworking and it will NOT have a slingseat unless
    someone else builds it for me. It uses an Altus 21 spd., Power Grips, twin Keda Kwest 406s on EZ-3
    Rims (really), ass wheel is a 559 with an Avocet Hi-Pressure. The Rollbar was NOT supposed to look
    the way it does and it was supposed to have a more reclined Hardshell seat and yes those are dual
    caliper brakes. Next version will have Disc Brakes (that arrived) the day (after) the calipers went
    on...grrrr. Trikes A & B are 4130 and Trike A is heavier (by design) because it has a Crystalyte
    Hi-Speed Hub Motor and the Black thing with the Heat Sink on the carrier is the 20 amp controller
    for the motor. The deal I have with Crystalyte is that they will build these large heatsink
    controllers ONLY for me and for use on BENT trikes. The cargo trailer is made by BikeBox and holds
    (4) 12V-18Ah SLAs and a fan cooled charger. My "cruise speed" is 35 mph without pedal use....neet eh

    The next and final stage begins in 3 weeks and both trikes will (hopefully) be ready by early May.

    I feel TrikeB has the best chance at being widely accepted (despite it looking sooo different). It
    has the advantage of taking Disc Brakes without major surgery to the knuckles/axle and those Chrome
    BMX forks are $10.00 each (Headshocks to be an option...IF I can get them to work without bending
    the USS tie rods).

    anyway hope this link works

    PS I sent the pics to one person from this NG and it donned on me that some folks have slow modems
    and this many pics will eat your I used Yahoo.

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