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Hey All:

Let me tell you about my last few days.

Saturday, about 40 miles into a 70 mile group ride, I flatted. No biggie, group rule is you don't
fix your own flat, it was resolved in biggie. This is where the saga begins.

Ok, Sunday. I am looking for more miles, so I ride someone home after the ride.

On the way home, 67.5 miles into the ride and 3 miles from home, the skies empty as only South
Florida skies can. Funny thing, as soon as I pull into my community, the rain stops. And I am
soaked!!! There's more!!!

OK, I rest Monday and Tuesday (rare for me)go out yesterday to ride with someone from my group.

1.3 miles into my ride I encounter an accident scene. You guessed

Ok, change the tube move on...but it's a dud co2 and I don't have another. OK...I meet Mark and fill
up. Are you getting the picture???

Enter today...I overlook the bike and realize that I have ruined my brand-new front tire with
yesterday's flat. Worse yet, they are blue tires, and my spare is black.

Ok, I find some long stem valves in the garage and proceed to rip off both tires so I can change my
tubes. I picked up some long stems the other day...but they were unthreaded and I hate them. Plus my
pump blows off them at 100 psi. So I figure, let's change both tubes and a tire!!!

So now I change out the tubes, change the tire, and end up with mixed color tires on the bike...I
will always by black from now on:)..and order up some more tires, black of course!!!

I am now ready to go out for my ride...and it starts to pour.

Welcome to my world!!!

Would you believe I cycle for fitness and relaxation???

Kind Regards,


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