These Oakley's OR These Oakley's?


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Oct 28, 2009
I currently have a set of Oakley Radar's. Nice glasses and I have had NO complaints. I was thinking about getting a set of the Oakley Jawbone's but I have a concern. Even though this Newer jawbone set is used by many of the top cyclists I wonder if the frame resting on my cheek will start to bother me on longer rides, especially since I sweat a lot. The Radar lens is away from my face and allows for good air flow.

You think this is a valid concern? what do you think?
Comfort should be the number one priority. However, getting sunglasses that look good is a part of bike culture, and it's up to you whether or not you care about the look. Since you're posting pictures, I'm going to guess that looks will factor into your decision.

Anyway, I like Oakleys but it really depends on the shape of your face. I don't really like the lower end of the Jawbone, and the Oakleys on Renshaw's face look a little too wide for him, though it might be due the angle of the photograph.

Anyway, go with your gut. If one pair of sunglasses doesn't seem significantly better (or worse) than the other in your opinion, go with the better deal.
On the lighter side of sunglasses. Every pair of expensive glasses I have ever owned I lost or broke in no time flat. I buy sunglasses off the discount rack and they are ussually bomb proof with built in homing devices. Go figure. Buy the ones that make you feel the coolest.:cool:

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