They didn't bother to look at it....

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    I just spoke to a friend undergoing breast cancer
    chemotherapy. She had been having bad muscle pain, weakness
    and cramps and when she reported it, the oncologist told
    her it was XX drug she had to take to counter inflammation
    and nausea.

    But that she only needed to take it one more session.

    She told him about my disastrous experience on statins,
    particularly the muscle pain weakness and atrophy, wherein
    they got into a discussion about statins.

    He, an oncologist, said yes he'd heard that some people did
    have that reaction, but statins were the best that could be
    offered right now. (Obviously he is of the school that
    thinks cholesterol should be lowered.)

    She told him no-one seemed to know enough to take me off
    them before damage was done.

    He, an oncologist, said:

    "It wasn't known because they didn't bother to look at it
    during the trials."