Thighs aching Unicycling after a 6 month break

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  1. Tried Unicycling for 15 minutes a few days ago, after a 6 month hiatus
    in winter. Thighs are hurting a lot, even after three days. In
    particular both sides of the leg, just above the knees, are sore. Is
    this common? I am 46 years old.

    It seems the aching part is either tendons or the ends of muscles. Any
    thoughts? The part just above the knee, and between the front and the
    inside of the leg is still hurting after 5 day! I feel good that I am
    not letting muscles waste away. However, can Unicycling cause
    tendonitis or something similar?

  2. James_Potter

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    if you're still fairly new to riding the unicycle, it's normal for them
    to be sore. it takes about, eh, a month of being able to actually ride
    before you can do it forever without getting sore.

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  3. halfbike

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    Never stop riding... Just keep riding, and then you get open sores.
    And then you will bleed. Then you heal up and have invincible legs!
    Major score!!!

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  4. Klaas Bil

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    The way you describe the location and duration of the pain, it sounds
    uncommon and unlike the muscle pain I had when I learned at age 47. If
    you just had sore thighs in general, I'd play the well-known tune of
    "keep at it, and put more weight on the seat".

    I have no medical background at all, so don't take my word for it. But
    if this doesn't go away soon, or re-occurs after riding again, I'd see
    a doctor if I were you.

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  5. UniBrier

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    Is your seat high enough?

    I think a too low seat, especially if you are still learning, is a
    tougher ride.

    Try old "Schwinn" seat height calculation: Adjust the seat height so
    when you sit on the uni with the pedal at its lowest (six o'clock)
    position and with your HEEL on the pedal, your leg should be straight.
    Then slide you foot back so the ball or arch is over the pedal, this
    will give a slight bend to the knee for a comfortable riding position.

    After your muscles strengthen and you become more comfortable on the uni
    you can adjust the seat height to your personal preference. But for
    learning I prefer the higher seat position.

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