Thinking About Buying This For A Friend


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Sep 24, 2014
If you were a real friend, you would get him this:

or even this:

Not sure why but I just can't stand Fuji. I have no real reason for it, just don't like the brand when it comes to bikes. I get it, over in Japan they like their photos and their bikes... It just does translate as well over here. Imagine if Kodak made a bike, or Polaroid.

Seriously though - while it's a nice gesture to get your friend a bike, Bikes are a serious item. I'd never want anyone to get me a bike. I want to ride what I want to ride. I'd let your friend pick the bike.


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Jul 23, 2005
MotownBikeBoy said:
He wants to get into triathlons but only has a mt bike. I am thinking about getting him this Fuji:

And enough gear/accessories to go with it to get him started.

Look like a decent first road bike for the $$$ ???
HMmmm ...

FWIW. I think it might be prudent to wait until your friend has chalked up two-or-three triathlons to ensure that he doesn't lose interest ...

And instead, EITHER help him to buy a set of slicks-and-tubes OR 650b wheels & tires/tubes (which I think will still fit even if his bike has V-brake calipers ... I haven't tried it, though) PLUS an appropriate set of aero clip-ons to use with his current MTB frame.

BTW. I don't share ABNPFDR's reservations about FUJI branded bikes (new-or-vintage) ... and, $1000 for a bike with 11-speed 105 components seems like a pretty good deal.


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Sep 24, 2014
For the record, it's a personal thing. Fuji's bikes generally review well within the industry and by owners. The frames are rather generic for the most part. They're not made by Fuji (Ideal I think) they just get the name slapped on the side. does not mean they are bad. The components are solid so while the frame may lack much innovation they should perform well. I've had a couple of rides on the Fuji Gran Fondo, it was capable enough and fairly smooth.

I just spent far too long in the photo industry and I have issues when companies stray from their origins. Like if Sony ever made a car I wouldn't buy one.


Jun 3, 2015
I just took my first ride with my Fuji Transonic is a dream to ride. Fuji might have started off in one industry, but like other large companies....they can make other products well.

BTW: Fuji has been making bikes for longer than other companies:

1919 - Nichibei Fuji Cycle Company, Ltd. is formed by the merger of Nichibei Trading Company and a Japanese
Mechanical Engineering company. Nichibei Fuji Cycle Company begins the production of bicycles for the Japanese
domestic market.


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Aug 31, 2003
While I'm generally not a fan of Fuji bikes, I make a generous exception for the Roubaix range. The Roubaix frame rides well, and with any range of componentry it's excellent bang for the buck. You're a true friend.


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Nov 24, 2012
Thanks guys - I ordered it - I know the staff well at the local Performance store, worse case scenario it can be exchanged for some other bike.

I thought it looked like a pretty good deal for the $.

Not worried he won't use it - I said "friend" because he has become a true friend, but he is my personal trainer, so a guy who is definitely going to stick with it. He did a lot of running and is also a swim coach but not a lot of biking experience as a sport. Finally, he is coming off a tough couple of years physically - shoulder reconstruction followed by ACL repair and is now ready to go again.

Pretty sure he's gonna be happy about this.

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