Thinking of buying a SWISSBIKE folding bike? Be careful.

The exact same thing happened to me yesterday in central London riding my Montague Swiss lx bike.

Snapped clean in two whilst i was in front of a taxi. Thank goodness he stopped.
I didn't brake my foot, but if i was very lucky indeed.

I'll be miffed if the frame doesn't live up to it's guarantee, especially after the price i paid for this brand new.

I've looked after this bike, and always take car when folding and unfolding the bike to make sure frame is clipped back in and secure and the front wheel is securely in place.

There is a lifetime warranty statement on thir web site......

"Montague Corporation warrants each new Montague bicycle frame against defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the original owner"
.....but I guess if you die when the frame snaps then the warranty is invalid ;o)

Hi there, I just stumbled over your report. Can you tell me where exactly the montague frame snapped? I am a concerned owner of an x90 montague frame, and this is an absolutely horrifying thought - for any cyclist, for that matter.

Thanks in advance,

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