Thinking of track racing


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Jul 31, 2003

I am currently a road racer whose specialties are a long sprint or a time trial. I am interested in starting some track racing as a means to improving my handling and getting some short range intensity training for road to improve last minute breakaway and chase ability.

The best TT i've done was a fairly easy 43kph over 10km and a 40kph over 46km. Can I cut it as a pursuiter? The gear I tend to ride on the road is about a 53x15 churning steadily (getting toward 100in). I guess I should be working on standing starts in a similar gear?

I also prefer longer cranks for my longer legs - 175mm on my current road bike (which I seem to be able to spin faster than the 172.5mm on my old bike).
What crank lengths/gear combos are others using? and is there any advice for me?

As a guide I am a fit 22 year old, 175cm tall, 72kg new Sydney A/B grader (on road).