This a good buy? Trek 5000 1996.


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May 16, 2013
Like many people, I don't know much about bikes and their components etc, but I plan to learn. I need a bike for commuting mainly, as mine was stolen. It was my first road bike and gave me the bug to want to continue biking and get more serious about it. Anyway my question is if this is a good bike for the money, and if I have to be very worried about it breaking on me or something, as it is carbon fiber from 1996 and looks like it has been used a lot. I've read already that it is risky, and maybe that is the reason the price is so low? The seller does seem good though, as he has the most bikes for sell than anyone else in my city that I've seen. I really don't know though. Is there a chance that it could be smooth sailing?

Edit: LOL forgot the link


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Jan 11, 2009
link seems not to be working, anyway i wouldn't recommend a carbon fiber bike from the nineties, among other risks they make lot of crack noises, carbon fiber construction has evolved and improved quite a lot nowadays


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Feb 20, 2013
Cape Cod, MA, USA
Agreed. I wouldn't buy a used CF bike for commuting. Especially one that looked "well-used". Better to look for a classic steel road bike/tourer for commuting, and save up for a nice, newer CF bike for longer rides. The ability to accept fenders and wider tires make for a good commuter, not a light weight frame.