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Discussion in '' started by PopeSamXVI, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. PopeSamXVI

    PopeSamXVI Guest

    I practiced for a total of 3 hours today (in 15-20 minute blocks) and
    have accomplished nothing! All I practiced was idling. I can do it maybe
    7 times from a mount and 4 from going and stopping (at least I can
    stop:) ). What's more, my ambidextrous nature apparently doesn't
    translate to my feet for this (though it did for mounting...).

    Sorry, just thought I'd complain, maybe seek solace.

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  2. zach_jucha

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    I'll join your fan club if it makes you feel any better. However, there
    will be -terms and conditions.-

    The only person worthy of my fandom is Chuck Mangione*, so basically you
    could put an asterisk next to my picture and sneakily state "not a real
    fan" at the bottom of the page.

    *this is a lie

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  3. rob

    rob Guest

    I think this happens to all of us. Or at least it happens to me!
    Sometimes it feels like I take two steps forward and then 3 steps
    backwards in my skills progress. But after keeping at it, real
    progress is made and you wonder why it was so hard to learn that new

    It is hard to practice for hours and feel like nothing was feel like you should have just ridden rather then
    practice that next skill. But then all of a sudden things gel and you
    forget the hardship and only focus on the win!

    Keep at know it will work out and it will with perseverance!

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  4. kraze

    kraze Guest

    I get frustrated thinking that some people pick this sport up a lot
    quicker than I am. But I've noticed that when I first got my unicycle,
    I was barely able to sit on it. I am now riding a good twenty-five
    paces out, being able to slow down and speed up to stay balanced. I
    could practice more than 20 minutes every other night. But I'm having
    fun, and that's why I bought my unicycle, and when I get back I'm
    looking to ride with others to learn more. Don't get frustrated at what
    you cannot do, be happy with what you've done so far.

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  5. gasmaster

    gasmaster Guest

    what helps me thru the dry spells is when i look on the internet and see
    the profiles of a bunch of people who learned a lot slower than i am.


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