This is some funny ****

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>Tasmanian carnivals announce scratchmen By Rod Morris

>The quality of riders for this month's Telstra Country Wide Tasmanian
Christmas Carnival Series has been highlighted with the >release of nine scratchmen.

>Cycling Tasmania Senior Track Handicapper Peter Coventry finalised all heats
and handicaps for the carnivals at Latrobe, >Launceston, Devonport and Burnie this week.

>Coventry has announced the following riders will compete from the elite mark
of scratch:

>JAME CARNEY (USA): One of the most explosive sprinters America has produced.
Has won a multitude of National >championships and has represented his country at the Olympic
Games. Has won both the Devonport and Burnie Wheels and >wants to win Latrobe and Launceston to
complete the set.

"one of the most explosive sprinters America has ever produced" who rights this ****? J-Me goes fast
when turning left in the fishbowls, but when was the last time he got a result with a right turn?

>JEFF HOPKINS (New South Wales): Better known as "Hoppy" - this red-headed New
South Welshman has based himself in >America this season where he has dominated the criterium
circuits, rising to the No. 1 ranking. Has a tremendous scratch race >record in Tasmania but is yet
to clinch one of the major wheelraces.

Jittery ****ing Joes, "dominated the crit circuits", "No 1 Ranking" those three lines of text are
probably the funniest **** I have read on all year. Please tell me who the ****
writes this ****, Hopkins was a non-factor at every race this year. Michelin doesn't count, all the
good guys were already on vacation...

Thank You, Rondechampion keeper of the truth
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