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    Hello, Friends,

    We hope that you are enduring this Winter weather well! Here are the latest headlines from

    > In the News
    >>What is cholesterol and why is it important?
    It is important that we understand the significance of cholesterol as it relates to our health.
    Specifically, the amount of different types of cholesterol in our blood is one of several key
    indicators of a person's potential for heart disease. Read More

    >Very few people have control over their risks Antipsychotic drugs raise diabetic risks Finally,
    >prescription prices you can SMILE about! Fat cells fight disease For Newbies: Things you should
    >know about insulin New Viewpoint: Can herbs treat diabetes? Read one doctor's view. Mentailly ill
    >people possible to develop disease The UN Anti-Obesity Plan for United States? Hospitals forget the
    >appointments of diabetics

    Come and read our cheerful message to all of our diabetic friends!!

    >In the Nutrition sections
    >>Evening Primrose Oil has soothing promise
    Evening primrose oil is a source of gamma-linolenic acid, or GLA, an essential fatty acid abundant
    in most diets. The body uses GLA to make compounds that help fight inflammation. Read More
    >Raspberries are red, and can help your blues! Herbal treatment for NIDDM individuals Alfalfa and
    >Diabetes: The best and not so good Good use: Dandelion and its benefits Too cold outside? Try some
    >warm, healthy chili The return of the mighty grapefruit What you need to know about colonics is proud to anounce that we now have a listing of over 20,000 clinical trial
    listings. Please come and take a look.

    >In the Legal area
    >>Are you aware of your rights as a disabled person? If you have any
    documents to prove that you are, in fact, diabetic, you have RIGHTS! You can read more about them
    here, depending on your location. USA: A Guide to Disability Rights Laws Canada: Ontario with
    Disabilities Act Australia: Disability Rights UK: Disabilities Discrimation Act

    >In the About Diabetes
    >>FREE SUPPLIES HERE - Now that we've got your attention, why not
    check them out! Click here.

    >Get the Perfect Gift for that special someone. Visit the TalkOnShop.
    Click here.


    All of this and so much more, here at Think about it. Learn about it. Talk about it.

    Regards, Ashley TalkOnDiabetes staff

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