Those ubiquitous 70s Raleigh Grand Prix ten speeds



My neighbor gave me his old one a while back as I did a favor, and he
though it might be a good parts bike or frame.

I finally dragged it out of the garage this afternoon to turn it into
a quick 5 speed beater and add some fenders I had laying around. Then
I planned on giving it back to the neighbor so it wouldn't sit in the
garage forever. This would be called a smiling reverse fruitcake if it
was football.

Back axle was loose, and since I'd fixed a hanger for him a while
back, it was obvious: some dork backed into it at some point and broke
the hanger and axle.

So I pulled the wheels off, cleaned it up a little, pulled the
derailleurs, and the small front ring, and have put it in the front
yard (lots of foot traffic in this artsy part of town) with a sign
that says "single speed hipster kit, add wheels, cog, and scenester".
Should disappear soon.

Anyway, the point of the post is that I was surprised at how light the
frame and fork was when I pulled the wheels. (front wheel was over 4#
with tire!). Any wise guys know what they built these frames with? The
lugging and whatnot is a bit crude, but I'm liking the shiny
Stronglight cottered crank and flat crowned fork. Next one I find that
fits me gets built out to look like a bike boom classic, with some
modern bits. I had no idea it was just the wheels that were the boat
anchors. The big flange Malliard hubs are nice enough to recycle.

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