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Discussion in 'Tell us what you think!' started by Guest, Nov 6, 2001.

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    In the 'Training' forum the thread called "Developing explosive power" I cannot post a reply.  :(

    It's gone over to 2 pages but no posts on page 2???

    Whenever I try to reply I get the following error:

    "An Error Has Occured!
    212 An Error Has Occured!: Unable to open 992745152.txt

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    Thanks for pointing that out :)

    I've fixed the posting problem but I don't know why its spanning of two pages, tho this shouldn't pose much of a problem anyway.

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    Working perfectly now.
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    Everthing's working fine with the posting but even though there are 28 posts, they're still all on page 1 while page 2 remains "empty".

    Not really a problem, just strange ???
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    It is strange indeed.....thanks for pointing that out
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    The thread is fixed now, if you notcie any problems with any other threads please let me know asap