Three wheeled bikes

Rachel Sharman

New Member
Jun 13, 2005
Hi Everyone,

New to this website! Looks great, but some of you are a bit sporty for me!

I hope someone can help with gentler query....

I'm a Mum with a 4.5 year old and 2 year old and I want to get them around on a bike - I used to bike a lot pre-kids but now I need something that I can sit them both on with me.

I live in the south-east of the UK, Esher, Surrey to be exact and a few weeks back I saw a three wheeled bike with two little kiddie seats mounted on the back part so they were sitting looking forwards, over their Mum's shoulders as she rode the bike.

It looked fantastic and obviously I now wish I had stopped her and asked her where she got it (the bike) and the seats from.

Since then I have looked at websites and found several three wheeled bikes for sale that look perfect, but no-one seems to know where I can get the double kiddy seats for the back - does anyone know?

I'd be very very grateful if anyone has some advice.....

Thanks very much, Rachel

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