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Dec 10, 2002
Hello everyone,<br />I've read some messages and in those messages I saw the word threshold. I think it has to do with HR. Can someone explain it to me?<br /><br /> ???<br />Kaj<br />
<br />Well I can try explain for you:<br /><br /><br />Threshold or otherwise know as your Anerobic threshold is the point you reach when your HR goes from you Aerobic state into an Anerobic State. <br /><br />In simple terms its the point while riding when you start to go hard. A good measure is your breathing. If you start getting out of breathe and cannot talk it means you are going over your Anerobic state and therefore over your threshold. It is usually around 80-90% of your max HR.<br /><br />More scientifically : What happens is that when you reach high levels of exertion your muscles require more oxygen to produce energy than what your body is able to give them.So in order to produce energy it must do so without oxygen.This is the Anerobic state.The Aerobic state is therefore when your body produces energy with the help of Oxgen. <br />The byproduct of the Anerobic state is lactic acid and carbon dioxide. The lactic acid basically is the burninig sensation you feel when climbing a hill too hard. The excess Carbon Dioxide is what causes you to breathe heavily as your body can mostly get rid of it through your lungs.<br /><br />So when you train, one of the main goals is to improve your threshold ( to bring it as close as possible to your max HR) Basically the fitter you are the closer to your max HR it is.
Hello Diane,<br /><br />Thanks for your explanation. Your story is very clear to me. <br />How can i measure my threshold? What kind of training must i do to get it closer to my max. HR?<br /><br />Kaj.