Throat microphones - trying to make a setup

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    Jun 29, 2013
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    I've been cycling recreationally with my girl, and we tend to take lot of off-road paths. Now the thing is communication, we need to be able to talk. I've check out these throat microphones, and I've seen a lot of people recommend iasus, so I'm fishing for oppinions. Good, bad, silent, solid?

    Also, all of these come with a PTT button that's either large or unplacable. I'd like to setup a PTT button somewhere on my handlebar or in such a manner I don't actually have to press a button, maybe do a gesture or something similar (voice activated is bad, it has a silent time when you start talking). Any ideas on this?

    And here's the stretch: we'd like to be able to listen to music while we do this. So maybe mod the walkie to play music and lower the volume when you press PTT?

    Thanks for taking time to read this
    Have a great day!