Thule 9003 Raceway platform rack mounting question


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Jul 8, 2010
Hello, about 6 weeks ago I picked up a Thule 9003 raceway rack, which is the trunk-mount rack with platforms instead of hangars. It's a fantastic rack and is normally mounted on my Audi A4, but I just mounted it on a Mazda 3 4-door, which has a much shorter trunk lid, but is listed and approved by Thule, and the platform sits at about a 20-degree angle to the ground. On my Audi it sits parallel to the ground.

Is it normal for a rack like this to have an angle at the platform? the rack is snug, firm, nothing is going anywhere, and I quadruple-checked the settings. The shop I purchased it from also says it's common--that the primary concerns are that it's snug and tight and the bikes and rack dont hit the car. It just feels a bit uncomfortable looking at it.