Tiagra cassette

Quick Shifter

Jul 6, 2016
What is going on with Campagnolo and Shimano? I am getting old and hills are becoming difficult, so it is time to change my winter bike to lower gearing, so I tried to buy a Tiagra 30t cassette to replace the currently fitted 28t, but Shimano only offer a 32t. This I have fitted, but I now have fewer useable gears, as the lower three are too low for anything other than pretty steep hills. Why is a 30t cassette not made by Shimano?

On top of this, Campag have abandoned 10 speeds completely, and Shimano only offer the decent, but cheapo Tiagra in 10 speeds. I do not want or need 11 or 12 speeds, and I certainly do not need all the extra gearchanges they demand. Campag seem to be committing economic suicide, moving further and further to the top-end of the market, and if I wish to buy a new gearset now, I have a choice of Tiagra and nothing else.