Time for tea

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Just Zis Guy, Jan 26, 2003.

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  1. Just Zis Guy

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    Well, it's certainly all warm and agreeable around here with the High Priest of the Church of the
    Speeding Death Greenhouse away.

    Just time for a <http://www.nicecupofteaandasitdown.com> I'd say.

    I wonder if you wouldn't mind piecing out our imperfections with your thoughts; and while you're
    about it perhaps you could think when we talk of bicycles, that you see them printing their proud
    wheels i' the receiving earth; thanks awfully.

    http://www.highwaycode.gov.uk/09.shtml#103 http://www.highwaycode.gov.uk/09.shtml#104

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.