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Went to work on my bike,Iron Horse hybred. You know 700 X 38c wheels in the brizard of 2003. Kind of
a tough workout keep- ing the front wheel to track right in all the white stuff. Well after 3 1/2
hour at work everyone was told to go home due to the storm. After I got I said way to much snow this
year for those 2 bikes I travel to work on. The other bike is an old Schwinn Probe with the best set
of 26 X 2.10 rain tires by Kenda. The water is pushed out in front instead of up in your face. Snow
they SUCK. Okay theres a good set of Kenda Klaw XT on my Access I swap them with the IRC KUJO. Now
I'll put the Klaw XT on the Schwinn and that will be great for snow. Next since I'm on a row I'll
change the 700 X 38c on my GT to a more agressive tire to match the cyclecross tire on the back. Now
its morning and the back tire on the Schwinn is allmost flat and I need to leave for work in the
snow still falling. So I grab the can of Bell tire repair out of my ***** pack and srcew it on the
valve stem and off I go. Well everything fine in tire land for the dirt and street land.

Fire up MTB 03
Not open for further replies.