Time RXS or Speedplay Zero pedals?

alienator said:
Your opinion isn't offensive, but your lack of critical thought is. You clearly can't be bothered to think objectively, what with the pathetic mental laziness you display. Completely pathetic. We can only hope that people judge you with the same lack of forethought that you do others.

I'm tapping out...........
alienator said:
Whatever. That's why the TdF is now a joke. Maybe you should forward your suspicions to ASO. I'm sure they'll toss someone out as a result. We certainly don't want to hobble any brainless purge with something like objectivity.

You have a bicycle shop. That's it. That doesn't mean you know **** about what some stranger--to you--has or has not done.

Whatever dude.

Try reasoned thought. It really helps.
Sorry to those of you who post here about pedals, don't mean to urinate on your thread, but asswaddickfacecumstain..I mean alienator, take your **** somewhere else. You are a ****wit with moronic opinions, but you should feel free to post them where appropriate, and this isn't the place. Come on over to the GT forum. We would love to have you.