Time shoe sizes

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Well, I'm going back 10 years now, but the last pair of Time shoes I had were size 42 and I was
swimming in them. I wear a 42 wide in Sidis, and they fit just right. So the Times ran quite a bit
on the large side. But again it was a long time ago; they might have changed their sizing, or I
might have just had a mislabeled pair (happens).
I have Time, Sidi and DMT road bike shoes, all 41. The Times are a little too big, the Sidis are a
little too smal l and the DMTs are just right. I'd guess the Times to be 1/2 size bigger than the
DMTs and the Sidis to be 1/2 smaller than the DMTs. DOes that make the Sidis a full size smaller
than the Times? I'd guess close to that, but perhaps not quite.


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> I wear sidi 42.5 and carnac 42. Anyone know what size this translates to for Time shoes? Thanks.
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