Time to run what I brung so...


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Feb 26, 2004
I've got a few big races coming up in May and June which I want to do as well as I can in, and have already started racing with some handicap events.

My FTP is at 274 last time I tested, and in my first race a few weeks ago, a handicap, I punctured and by the time I fixed it (thank goodness for CO2 inflators) I had to get in with block, the second-fastest group of riders. I survived, we picked up the group in front and to cut a long story short I did pretty well.

However, in the last 2 races, also handicaps, there has been much more jumping about, closing of gaps thanks to inexperienced guys going through too hard and general going into the red. Ironically, I have done worse in 'slower' groups because of all the surging.

So I need to address my ability to go deep into the red, therefore it's time for some L6 work.

My question is: is twice a week too much anaerobic work? I was considering 90sec hill sprints Monday (after either a day off Sunday or an easy Sunday), a threshold or SST session Tuesday, L1 recovery Wed and more L6 work Thursdy, perhaps 2min and 1min sessions as described in Allen and Coggan's Guide To Making Sense Of All The Magic Numbers. Friday is a day off and Saturday is a 100km group ride with some threshold work before I meet and a 25km burn-up home (fast paceline, mildly lumpy, bit of surging).

Perhaps I should do 1 session in conjunction with my Saturday Morning World Championships rides for the dose of anaerobic work?

I need to add some top end and would welcome suggestions. I've done plenty of threshold and L5 work but need that little bit of magic at the top.


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Feb 3, 2008
If you race mostly on the flat then I'd do the sprints on the flat. It feels different in a big gear and you're also forced to do most, if not all of your work on the drops.

Personally, when I was looking for a bit more of a jump (I never really had one... but just go with it) I found that 30 to 45 seconds absolutely flat out with at least one minute rest (preferably two) x 10 worked better for me than say 30 seconds on and 30 seconds rest x 10.

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