Time Trial Handle Bars = Play On Bearings??!!


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May 30, 2004
Dear Cycling Friends,

On my ordinary course competition bike for a period I have been riding with a so called time trial handle bar. In the Netherlands we also call this either a triathlon handle bar or a lay down handle bar.

After a period of intense training there appeared a “vibrating hammering sound” which became especially existent when riding on cobble stones (casseiën). It took me some time to find out it was the steering bearing that was worn out.

Both the bikes I had this problem on had a threaded bearing instead of the modern ahead technology.

Talking to a cycling mate of mine, who is a triathlon specialist, he told me that he had the same problem. He told me it was the time trial handle bar that was the cause of this problem.

I would like to know how many of you have experienced the same problem. And I would like to know how many of you think the time trial handle bar might have been the cause of this problem?

Thank you, Frank.


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May 29, 2004
I hadn't thought about it, but I just had to rebuild my headset because one of the bearings in the bottom ring fell out or disintegrated. I always have aerobars on my bike, and use them for about a third of every ride, sometimes more. They certainly do put different stresses on the bike, so it's entirely possible they wear out the headset bearings faster by creating a leveraged lift on the headset.