Time Trial/ Triathlon Bike Frameset Cheap

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  1. This bike is now on Ebay item (#7106698306)

    I won this in race, but don't need another time trial bike, so you can ge it
    SP-Imports sells it for $1399.

    SP-Imports chose this size for me based on my 56cm Trek Road bike.


    * Dedacciai 7003 tube frame (shaped tubes)

    * Comes with fork and headset

    * Dimensions.
    (If you have any doubts please ask, because I'm not 100% sure I'm measuring
    headtube: 9cm
    top tube: 54.6 cm (center to center)
    seat tube: 62 cm (center of BB to top of seat mast)
    seat tube: 47 cm (center to center)

    It looks exactly like this one:

    http://www.sp-imports.com/tt/LGpics/CSK examples 027.jpg