Timex 100-Lap GPS Speed and Distance System. eBay Item number: 7114302304


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Utilizing renowned GPS technology, the Timex GPS Ironman Triathlon Speed +
Distance System utilizes a network of global positioning satellites to
precisely track how far and how fast you are running, biking, rowing or
skiing, anytime, anywhere in the world. You are bidding on a used 2002 model
TIMEX speed + distance training system, now you can have useful, accurate
and performance information at your fingertips. This is a great product for
either the beginning athlete who wants to track how far how fast they have
gone or for the advanced athlete tracking split intervals, pace, time, and
distance. This system was the first system to be worn on the body that acts
as a information and sport monitoring system. The system offers athletes and
fitness enthusiasts alike the unprecedented ability to track several key
indicators of personal performance. The information is gathered by GPS
technology. This system includes speed, distance, and pace measurements, a
continuous odometer, zone alerts, distance alerts, digital transmission,
watch, chronograph, alarms, timers, memory recall, and 2-line display. It
comes in the original box; it has been used for two seasons and is in very
good condition. The auction includes the Performance Monitor (watch) with
fast strap, which is rare, and Speed + Distance sensor (armband GPS). It is
compatible with a Data Recorder. The monitor provides real-time workout

This 2002 model includes the following features:

Sport Watch Features:

· Time and Date

· Month, day and date display

· Hourly chime

· 12 - 24 hour format

· Two time zones

· Water-resistant 50 meters

· 100-lap memory

· View lap and split times

· Memory recall

Countdown timer
·Countdown timer with stop, repeat or start chronograph at end

· Separate daily, weekday and weekend alarms

· 5-minute backup alarm

Speed + Distance Sensor features:

· Speed - View your current Speed, Average Speed and Maximum Speed

· Distance - Measure your workout distance

· Metric or English units

· Automatic time correction - GPS adjust Time of day for accuracy

· Splash-resistant

· No calibration needed

· 99% distance accuracy

· Distance accuracy is typically better than 95% in most

· Better than 99% in environments which offer a clear view of
the sky.

· MSRP: $225.00

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