Tinkoff : Brutt nabs Rebellin and Mazzanti

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    > Today in Ticino was another sensational win for Italian-Russian squad
    > Tinkoff Credit Systems; Pavel Brutt nabbed Davide Rebellin
    > (Gerolsteiner) and Luca Mazzanti (Ceramica Panaria-Navigare) on the
    > line in the downtown Chiasso town after 172.9 kilometres of racing. It
    > was a great confirmation for the 25 year-old Russian, ahead of a
    > top-flight Italian, Tin-Tin Rebellin, and to his team for having faith
    > in his abilities.
    > \"Yes, it was a beautiful victory and I have three good reasons to say
    > thanks,\" said Brutt to tuttobiciweb.com. \"The first is to the team,
    > to my teammates, who have really been great. The second is to Oleg
    > Tinkov, who has believed in me, who has given me space in this
    > important team. The last is thanks to Orlando Maini, Claudio Cozzi and
    > Dmitri Konyshev, the Director Sportifs of Tinkoff, who have given me

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