Tiny screw for dura ace shifter??


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Sep 7, 2007

A screw fell out of my Dura Ace 9100 shifter. See pic. It's a very small screw that holds together a piece of plastic. I have never experienced this with any other Shimano shifters I've had over the years. Any idea how I can get a replacement screw?

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Of course ...

You can do as CAMPYBOB suggests and contact Shimano (who are generally VERY helpful) ...

OR, because there is a 99.99% probability it is a metric threaded bolt you can probably just go to a Home Depot and buy a small packet of replacement bolts (you generally can't just buy one).

If you don't know the size, then beginning with your set of Allen Wrenches, insert the smallest (e.g., 1mm) into the threaded socket ...

Continue with progressively large ones until you find the one that you CANNOT insert ...​

There is a 90+% probability that the wrench which doesn't fit is the size of the threaded bolt that fell out ...

Now, you just need to decide how long a bolt you want ...​

Then, go to a HOME DEPOT and ask the individual at customer service where their drawers with the small metric bolts are -- you will probably get a packet of 2-to-4 for about $0.50 (50¢) depending on the thread size & length.
If you are daring, then you can simply remove the identical bolt from your other shifter & tape it to a file card with a broad piece of clear packing tape ("unattended" small pieces tend to wander off on their own) & bring THAT bolt into the store so you won't be guessing as to the size.