Tioga Pass Trip

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    I have some photos from a three-day ride over Tioga Pass, Yosemite Park, June 11-13, 2003. Here's a
    brief report.

    We stayed the night before in a hotel in Buck Meadows, as close to Yosemite's west entrance as you
    can stay. The next morning, we drove into the park and left our car at Crane Flat. We rode Tioga
    Pass Road through the park, out the entrance, to Tioga Pass Resort:


    We rented a log cabin on the hill overlooking the road and had a tasty and hearty dinner at
    the lodge.

    The next morning, Lloyd and Geoff rose at 3 AM to climb nearby Mt. Data. I opted out, thinking that
    the down-hike would hurt my recently fractured hip. I instead rode down to the town of Lee Vining,
    for a big breakfast at Nicely's. I rode back up to Tioga Pass Resort, arriving at noon, to find
    Lloyd and Geoff ordering lunch. I had some apple pie with ice cream to top off my big breakfast. The
    fellows were pretty tired, so they headed back to the cabin for a nap. Lloyd suggested I return to
    Lee Vining while they slept, so I did. I picked up some munchies at the Mobil Station and headed
    back. By this time, there was a ripping headwind to contend with. I made it back to the resort in
    the same amount of time (1:13), but the wind made the second time much tougher. I suggest to others
    that the morning is the best time to ride from Lee Vining to Tioga Pass.

    When I got back to the cabin, the fellows were rested and getting ready to head out on their bikes
    to Saddlebag Lake. I tagged along. Some very nice views of snowy mountains along the way.

    The next morning, nothing to do but ride back to our waiting car. Lloyd had plans for a hike into
    Tenaya Canyon, where we had to wade through the snow melt to get there. The water was flowing fast,
    due to the recent heat wave. No photos of Tenaya Canyon, since my camera ejected from the bike while
    descending the unpaved Saddlebag Lake road.



    terry morse Palo Alto, CA http://www.terrymorse.com/bike/

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