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    I've just been doing a bit of teaching for people who are not habitual
    bike users but would like to be. Here are a couple of 'bike
    maintenance' things:-

    Whenever starting out or restarting do an instant ABC check on your
    A - Air in tyres? - Normally just a glance
    B - Brakes - Do they feel normal? - A snatch each - 1 second
    C - Clips - Have you got all the bits that you want which clip on? eg
    Have you left your pannier in the library? Do you want the speedo
    clipped on? Will you want your lights when you come back tonight?

    Also, the simple thing to remember about checking a bike mechanically is
    that there is only one thing on a bike that isn't needed. So all you
    need is a _method_ to cover everything - The one I use is start at the
    front and work to the back. (The one useless thing on a bike? A
    politician. Obviously this becomes positively dangerous if replaced
    with a highway engineer.)

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