Tire durability and punctures

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I would use tire liners in a MTB tire since their easier to install the road tires, and your going to hit more things that can puncture a tire going off road that you will never see. But having said that, I haven't used a tire liner in my MTB's for years, instead I've gone with beefy tire like the Kenda Blue Grove and the Kenda Qwest and used throne proof tubes and haven't had a flat for 3 years with either set of tires. I also have a set of Continental Sport Contact on another MTB and they too have been great with thorn proof tubes. And yes, I have gone off road on smooth MTB tires with no problems before someone starts yelling foul; I guess my bike handling skill is relatively high? I don't know but I'm not racing off road so I haven't had the need for knobby tires and I can go any place the knobby's took me.

I am using tire liners on my 29er. I recently purchased the bike and it was fitted with Kenda Small Block eight tires. After patching two to three thorn holes the day after every ride the liners made the best sense. It was a heck of a lot more economical installing liners than purchasing tires and tubes. The other bonus of using the liners is that they should last for many years giving me the option of buying tires in the future based on the knobby pattern instead of the flat protection. Riding the trails around here requires good knobs and handling skills.
it really sucks running flat... haist... when i was a newbie rider i just ride and ride, i was not prepared for these kinds of things but as for my knowledge is growing, i bought the pocket patcher from wallmart... lol it works... patching tire holes, its easy really...
Patching is easy, but don't use the Walmart Scabs brand of patches, they suck. I like glueless patches and use Park brand and Specialized brand and have had great success with either in both MTB's and road bikes for over 15 years.